Question: How Do I Survive National Service?

How do I prepare for national service?

Mental preparation Control your expenses and live within a fixed budget.

Identify friends and family (especially those who have been through NS) you can talk to for support and advice.

Train up your fitness so you can hone mental resilience to deal with training better..

How do you survive in BMT?

Eight tips to survive BMTGuard your rifle. Never leave your rifle out of sight; hang on to it especially during a field camp. … One for all, all for one. Be nice to your buddy. … Bring a permanent marker. … Bring clothes hangers. … Bring more sets of underwear. … Apply vaseline before route marches. … Exercise. … Enjoy the process.

How do I cope with NS?

Here are tips on how recruits can prepare themselves mentally for NS to make the adjustment easier.TRAIN YOUR BODY. … TRAIN YOUR MIND. … Understand that setbacks are a part of life. … Take control. … Stay calm in the face of trouble. … See yourself as a survivor. … Make friends. … Be specific and upfront about your problems, if any.

What do I need for Tekong 2019?

But if you want to make your time in BMT run smoother, here is a list of personal things you’ll want to pack.Laundry detergent. … Portable phone charger. … Febreze. … 4) Alarm clock/watch. … Clothes hangers. … 3-in-1 soap. … Blousing garters. … Additional items you’ll want (where necessary)More items…•

Should I shave before entering ns?

Don’t shave your hair away before you enlist You’re going to be botak for the rest of your recruit days, which could be as short as 2 months or as long as 6 months which means you’d have plenty of time to enjoy the cool air on your scalp in camp.

Can you go home during NS?

If you get a lucky vocation after that, or if your camp officers are ‘slack’ (Singlish for ‘lazy’) and blissfully carefree, you can even go home every day. If your parents wanna convert your room though you’re only gone for three months, you should question their love for you.