Question: Is Trust A Trader Any Good?

Is MyBuilder com any good?

The quick and reliable platform was commended by our readers with 90% of our panel agreeing they would recommend the service to a friend.

The ‘very informative’ and high-quality service impressed our readers with 85% saying that using MyBuilder made their life easier and 92% rating their experience good or excellent..

Is trust a trader free?

TrustATrader is a free online directory of tradespeople you can trust because their place on the website depends upon their quality of service. Consumers can leave feedback for our traders based on the work that has been done for them, which continues to improve the reliability of the service.

What’s better trust a trader or Checkatrade?

TrustATrader are also very consumer focussed, however they seem to have a few unique selling points for tradesmen which we think Checkatrade should look into too. … They seem to generally do a better job of selling their services to traders too making them look more appealing for those looking to join.

How much is trust a trader?

The only fee you pay is a small commission of 2.5% each time you accept a card payment.

How do you join trust a trader?

Applying for a TrustATrader membership is simple. Enter your details into the form, then we’ll be in touch. Your details will not be passed to any other party or used for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your membership of TrustATrader.

How much is it to join Checkatrade?

What will it cost? Checkatrade membership costs between £69.99 +VAT and £119.99 +VAT a month, depending on your trade category and contract type.

Can you trust Checkatrade?

The majority of people on Checkatrade, it seemed, scored between nine and ten out of ten. It was extremely hard to find anyone who rated less than an 8.5. I have no doubt there are many fine tradesmen on the site; I have spoken to people who’ve had good experiences with Checkatrade.

Is Checkatrade worth the money?

Review for Checkatrade by Newcom engineering Say that they’re great value for money, best on the market, best for securing custom and their customer service is by far the best. Would recommend.

How does Checkatrade make money?

Checkatrade makes its money by charging members fees of around £600+ per year. … ‘Checkatrade will live or die on the standard of the traders we have on board,’ he says. ‘If we’ve got great trades where the customers have great confidence in using them, it will continue to grow.

Is trust a trader genuine?

50% of the positive reviews are published right away on TrustATrader, as they are usually genuine. We can quite easily tell if positive reviews are being left by someone other than a genuine customer, and in these cases we will contact the trader to discuss and remove reviews if appropriate.

How does check trade work?

Checkatrade is the original online trade directory set up to connect tradespeople with their consumer. It allows trades to become members of a platform where they can advertise their business to 1.4million unique users a month.

How much does MyBuilder cost?

There are no joining or membership fees.