Question: What Does Transmit Mean?

Whats does transmit mean?

1 : to transfer, pass, or spread from one person or place to another transmit information transmit a disease.

2 : to pass on by or as if by inheritance Parents transmit traits to their offspring..

Which part of transmitting means over?

The noun transmission comes from the Latin word transmissio, which means “sending over or across, passage.” The transmission of a message is the delivery of the message. …

What does transmitted mean in science?

Physics. to cause (light, heat, sound, etc.) to pass through a medium. to convey or pass along (an impulse, force, motion, etc.). to permit (light, heat, etc.) to pass through: Glass transmits light.

What does transmit mean in light?

A simple definition of light transmission is: When light travels through a medium such as glass without being reflected absorbed or scattered. When this happens light energy is not lost and can be considered 100% transmitted.

What does wreckage mean?

1 : the act of wrecking : the state of being wrecked. 2a : something that has been wrecked. b : broken and disordered parts or material from something wrecked. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about wreckage.

What is an example of transmit?

You can transmit things from person to person or from one thing to another. The airwaves can be used to transmit radio or TV signals, for example, and computers can transmit messages over a network. … In addition, transmit can describe the spread of disease, like mosquitoes that can transmit disease when they bite.

What is transmit in communication?

The transmission model of communication describes communication as a one-way, linear process in which a sender encodes a message and transmits it through a channel to a receiver who decodes it. The transmission of the message many be disrupted by environmental or semantic noise.

What means transmit date?

Transmission Date means, with respect to any LEC Receivable, the date upon which such Receivable is transmitted, transferred or otherwise remitted to the LEC by the applicable Seller for billing and collection.

How do you transmit light?

Transmitting Light Although light can travel through a vacuum, it can not travel through all objects. When light strikes an object, it can be transmitted, reflected or absorbed. The object is made of molecules, and each molecule has electrons, capable of jumping to higher energy levels by absorbing energy.

Is an act of transmitting message?

Noun. 1. transmitting – the act of sending a message; causing a message to be transmitted. transmission, transmittal. sending – the act of causing something to go (especially messages)

What is the root of transmit?

Quick Summary. The prefix trans- and its variant tra-, which mean “across,” appear in many English vocabulary words, for example: transmit, transform, and trajectory. Consider the word translation, which is the carrying “across” from one language into another.

What is the difference between transmitted and absorbed light?

Absorbed light is converted to energy and transmitted light moves through the material.

What does pipped mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : peep entry 1 sense 1. 2 : to break through the shell of the egg the chick pipped. transitive verb. : to break open (the shell of an egg) in hatching.

What does refraction mean?

1 : deflection from a straight path undergone by a light ray or energy wave in passing obliquely from one medium (such as air) into another (such as glass) in which its velocity is different.

What is light behavior?

Light behaves as a wave – it undergoes reflection, refraction, and diffraction just like any wave would. Yet there is still more reason to believe in the wavelike nature of light. Continue with Lesson 1 to learn about more behaviors that could never be explained by a strictly particle-view of light.