Quick Answer: Are There Sharks In Phuket?

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Phuket?

The clear warm waters are enticing, and are pretty safe for most of the year.

The sea does contain dangerous creatures, such as sea snakes, lionfish, stonefish and jellyfish.

You should exercise a lot of caution while swimming off the west coast of Phuket during the rainy season (May – October) due to rough seas..

Are there shark attacks in Thailand?

There have been no recorded fatal shark attacks in Thailand on scuba divers or swimmers. The shark divers are most likely to encounter in Thailand is the grey reef shark, which grows quite large – up to 2 metres – but is harmless. … And there is zero chance of being attacked by a great white shark while in Thailand!

Is Phuket dangerous to visit?

Majority of the time, Phuket is a pretty safe place to visit but most of the really harmful situations arise out of the heavy-handed nature of some of the scams and ripped off tourists all ignited under the duress of Thailand heat, a few drinks and a deal gone bad.

Are there dolphins in Phuket?

Dolphins can be encountered in all Thai waters. … For encounters with pink dolphins there is no better place than Khanom, a small town located northeast of Phuket. In the water around the town with its river mouth and estuary there are quite a few dolphins to be found.

Are there sharks in Phuket waters?

Leopard sharks are among the most common sharks that divers experience around Phuket, the Phi Phi Islands and the Similan Islands. This species, which we commonly refer to as Leopard shark, is officially called Zebra shark, the name inspired by its colorings as a juvenile.

What is special in Phuket?

25 Best Things to Do in Phuket (Thailand)Take a Trip to Kata Noi Beach. Source: Joey Santini / shutterstock. … Have a Tour of The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery. Source: velier.it. … Come And See The Phuket Big Buddha. … Nai Harn Beach. … Take a Wander to Karon View Point. … Take a Trip to Wat Chalong. … Go Shopping at Phuket Town Weekend Night Market. … Hang Out at Tiger Kingdom.More items…

Can reef sharks kill you?

There are no recorded human fatalities from reef shark attack. Curious and aggressive around food, reef sharks may bite, but they are not known to kill. …

What dangerous animals are in Thailand?

The following are the most dangerous animals you may come across. Thailand has poisonous snakes, scorpions, centipedes and jellyfish. If you see a centipede, do not try to hold it or touch it, they have an extremely painful sting and if you are stung by one, you will be off your feet for days.

Are there Box jellyfish in Thailand?

There are two things you need to know about box jellyfish and their growing presence in the Gulf of Thailand. The first is that it’s the most venomous marine animal in the entire world.