Quick Answer: Did Petunia Ever Love Harry?

Is Lily Potter a Mudblood?

Lily Potter (née Evans) was a Muggle-born witch and Harry’s mother.

She was born 30 January 1960 and died on 31 October 1981 at age 21.

She was quite young, 19 years old, when she became pregnant with Harry, giving birth to him at 20..

Why does Petunia keep Harry?

Petunia wanted to be a witch herself but since magic is birth gift she was denied her wish. Petunia did care for her sister and later her nephew. After her death in 2020 it was revealed that she had kept with her the blanket in which Harry had been brought to her doorsteps as a child.

How did Petunia Dursley die?

At some point before 2020, Petunia passed away for unknown reasons. It was revealed that she kept the blanket that Harry was brought to her in when he was a baby, which was given back to him after her death.

Why was Lily a witch but not Petunia?

In Harry Potter, why was Petunia Dursley a Muggle, but Lily Potter a Witch? … Perhaps Lily’s great-great-great-great-grandfather was a magical wizard who had a grandson as a Squib. That Squib married a muggle (or wizard), created more Squibs or Muggles and Lily eventually got the power after generations.

Why did they change the Fat Lady in Harry Potter?

In the Harry Potter books, the Fat Lady is a sassy, benevolent character whose painting guards the entrance to the Gryffindor common room. … Spriggs tended to take more matronly roles, which didn’t really fit with the Fat Lady’s bubbly, sometimes drunken, and easily irritated, personality.

Did Dudley have a magical child?

Either way, yes, Dudley Dursley could have a magical child, who would then officially be a “Muggle-born”. Originally Answered: In Harry Potter, could Dudley’s kids become witches or wizards? Because technically his mother, Petunia, was the sister to Harry’s mother, Lily, who was a witch.

Who did Dudley marry?

Mrs DursleyDudley Dursley/Spouse

Does Harry ever see Dudley again?

It is implied that Harry sees Vernon and Petunia for the last time when he says goodbye to them in the first Deathly Hallow film. … However, Pottermore suggests that Harry and Dudley would continue to see each other from time to time after the events in the Deathly Hallows. That they continued to remain “friends.”

Why was Harry safe at the Dursleys?

Why Harry must stay with the Dursleys Because his mother sacrificed herself to save him, the bond of blood became the strongest shield against Voldemort he could be given. While he still calls home the place where his mother’s blood dwells (ie. his aunts house) there he cannot be touched or harmed by Voldemort.

What did petunias tell Harry?

I like to think she wanted to say sorry to him for making him live that bad, and to wish him good luck, because she knows he is going to defeat Voldemort, the man who killed her sister, ’cause she knows how Harry feels without his parents, the same way she feels without her sister.

Is Aunt Petunia a squib?

The fan asked the author if Aunt Petunia was a Squib (a non-magical person who is born to at least one magical parent) and Rowling replied: “Good question. No, she is not, she is not a Squib. She is a Muggle.

Was Petunia ever nice to Harry?

Definitely!! She cared about Harry almost as much as she cared about Lily. Although she refrained from letting it be seen. It would have been really easy for the Dursleys to have sent Harry to an orphanage or something, had Petunia not cared about her sister’s son and kept him all through his childhood.

How much older is Petunia than Lily?

Petunia is likely one to two years older than Lily (but possibly as much as five years older) There’s no specific birthdate given for Petunia but we can make inferences from the text and movie. We know Petunia to be the older sister which places her birthdate prior to 1960.

Who does Cho Chang marry?

MuggleCho Chang/Spouse

Did Petunia go to Lily’s funeral?

8 PETUNIA DURSLEY ACTUALLY ARRANGED LILY AND JAMES’ FUNERAL She then treated Lily’s son cruelly for years, even though he did nothing wrong. Petunia did do one nice thing for the Potters, though, besides taking in Harry. Since James didn’t have any living relatives, she arranged his and Lily’s funeral.