Quick Answer: What Is Secure Xsolla Com?

What is secure xsolla?

For security reasons, you may be asked to verify your transaction with our Xsolla payment provider which allows users all over the world to make your payment safe and secure.

Card verification is a common practice that helps ensure payment security..

Who is the owner of xsolla?

Aleksandr AgapitovAleksandr Agapitov is founder and CEO of Xsolla, Inc., the video game business engine with a set of tools and services that help developers operate and sell more games.

Is Secure xsolla legit?

Xsolla is completely safe and used by many huge companies. … It’s “legit” but also not particularly trusted by banks and card companies in the US. Some have them on automatic red flag status.

How do I get rid of xsolla?

How to cancel Xsolla via phoneDial 1-877-797-65-52.Make sure you have all the relevant info at hand as the support team will ask you to provide the details of your account.Tell the customer support agent that you’d like to unsubscribe from their services.More items…

Does Roblox steal your money?

ROBLOX, a popular multiplayer video game with more than 178 million registered accounts, is being targeted by cybercriminals via its chat function in an effort to siphon off millions of dollars from players. … The end game is stealing ROBUX (in-game currency), and exchanging it for real cash.

Does Roblox steal your credit card info?

Roblox is secure to protect your credit card information. Do not be fooled with other websites such as cash for apps, as it is illegal and results in your account getting banned.

What is xsolla twitch?

The platform known for its live streams of video games has extended its partnership with payment services company Xsolla in order to give users hundreds of different ways to pay for their channel subscriptions. … Some Twitch channels are free, but others require a $4.99 subscription.

How do I contact xsolla?

You can contact us at support@xsolla.com to exercise your right.

How do I get an xsolla receipt?

Google Play – click on each purchase to get the full receipt. You can also find receipts in your email inbox. iTunes. Xsolla.

What is xsolla charge?

Xsolla is a a global distributor and publisher of video games. That means on your bank statement or PayPal receipt for Life is Feudal you’ll have Xsolla as a merchant. … We also strongly recommend you to cancel the card in your bank and change passwords to all payment accounts (PayPal, Amazon).