Quick Answer: What Is The Other Name For Pitch?

What does pitched mean?

1 : to set up and fix firmly in place We pitched a tent.

2 : to throw usually toward a certain point I pitched hay onto a wagon.

3 : to throw a baseball or softball to a batter.

4 : to plunge or fall forward.

5 : slope entry 2, slant The roof is steeply pitched..

What is another word for pitch black?

Similar words for pitch black: sable (adjective) darkness (noun) ebony (noun) jet-black (noun)

What’s the opposite of pitch?

What is the opposite of pitch?inclineascentslopeacclivitygradegradienthillcantinclinationrise3 more rows

What is another name for pitch?

Some common synonyms of pitch are cast, fling, hurl, sling, throw, and toss.

What is another word for pitch in music?

What is another word for pitch?tonetimbrefrequencyintonationkeymodulationstresscadencecadencylilt80 more rows

What is another word for high pitched?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for high-pitched, like: piercing, shrill, shrieky, acute, clarion, treble, high, piping, shrilly, low and low-pitched.