What Is The Minimum Wage In Philadelphia PA?

What is the minimum wage in Pennsylvania for 2020?

$7.25State2020 Minimum Wage2021 Minimum WagePennsylvania$7.25$7.25Rhode Island$10.50$11.50South Carolina$7.25 (Federal, no state minimum)$7.25 (Federal, no state minimum)South Dakota$9.30$9.4547 more rows•5 days ago.

What is a livable salary in PA?

Living Wage Calculation for Pennsylvania1 ADULT2 ADULTS (BOTH WORKING)0 Children0 ChildrenLiving Wage$11.53$9.30Poverty Wage$6.00$4.06Minimum Wage$7.25$7.25

What is the minimum wage in Philadelphia 2019?

Governor Wolf called for taking Pennsylvania’s minimum wage from the federally established $7.25 per hour to $12 per hour in 2019, and gradually raising it to $15 by 2025.

Is Philadelphia minimum wage going up?

Starting in 2019, the minimum wage will gradually increase as follows: $13.25 on July 1, 2019. $13.75 on July 1, 2020. $14.25 on July 1, 2021.

What is a good salary in Philadelphia?

If you follow the 50-30-20 budgeting rule to the T, listen closely: You need to earn just under $60,000 a year to live comfortably in Philadelphia. That’s according to a new analysis by Go Banking Rate, which found that you need to make exactly $59,384 to be able to live in Philadelphia.

Is PA expensive to live?

The overall cost of living is PA was rated a 97, which is less than that of the entire nation. … Healthcare is less expensive in PA, and rent is much less than the average in other states. Rent in the more upscale areas averages at $1,981 while the average for cheaper areas is $1,221.

What is the richest town in PA?

Jefferson HillsJefferson Hills, PA (located near Pittsburgh) was named PA’s richest town. According to HomeSnacks, the median home value in Doylestown is $401,000 and the median income is $76,042.

Which city has the highest minimum wage 2020?

New York already raised its hourly minimum to $11.80 on Dec. 31. Excluding Washington, D.C.’s $14 per hour minimum wage – which will climb to $15 per hour in mid-2020 – is the highest in the country, followed by Washington and California at $13.50 per hour and $13 per hour, respectively.

Which city has the lowest minimum wage?

According to the study, those cities were:Austin, Texas. Minimum wage: $7.25.Miami, Florida. Minimum wage: $8.46. … Atlanta, Georgia. Minimum wage: $7.25. … Dallas, Texas. Minimum wage: $7.25. … Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Minimum wage: $7.25. … Houston, Texas. Minimum wage: $7.25. … Orlando, Florida. … Charlotte, North Carolina. … More items…•

What states have a $15 an hour minimum wage?

In addition to Florida, the following states have approved $15 an hour minimum wage increases:California.Connecticut.Illinois.Maryland.Massachusetts.New Jersey.New York.Virginia.More items…•

How much does Mcdonald’s pay in Pa 2019?

McDonald’s in Philadelphia, PA Area SalariesJob TitleLocationSalaryCashier salaries – 42 salaries reportedPhiladelphia, PA Area$8/hrCrew Member salaries – 35 salaries reportedPhiladelphia, PA Area$9/hrMcdonalds Crew Member salaries – 21 salaries reportedPhiladelphia, PA Area$8/hr17 more rows•Dec 15, 2020

Is Pa minimum wage going up in 2020?

Pennsylvania’s minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009, the minimum wage allowed by federal law. … The governor’s proposal raises the minimum wage to $12 an hour on July 1, 2020 with annual 50 cent increases until reaching $15 an hour in 2026.

What is a good salary in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Average While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $129,055 and as low as $19,453, the majority of Average salaries currently range between $46,972 (25th percentile) to $70,220 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $85,403 annually in Pennsylvania.

What is the cost of living in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia cost of living is 101.2COST OF LIVINGPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaHealth98.497Housing66.375.1Median Home Cost$153,400$173,700Utilities107.798.24 more rows

What is Governor Wolf’s salary?

$194,850 per yearPennsylvania pays Gov. Wolf $194,850 per year and New Jersey pays Gov. Murphy $175,000 annually. Wolf does not accept his salary and donates it to charity every year.